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Late-Night Gourmet Cookies | Westchester, FL

Late-Night Gourmet Cookies Westchester, FL

Welcome to Our Westchester Location!

You know you want some gourmet cookies. Imagine a pocket watch swinging back and forth…you want fresh-baked cookies…you want gourmet ice cream…you want a delicious milkshake. And better yet, you want them prepared fresh daily with all-natural ingredients and our signature dough made on-site…mmmm…we’ll be waiting for you.

midnight cookies & cream white chocolate sprinkle cookie


Chocolate chip, peanut butter, red velvet…a mountain of toppings…maybe a scoop of ice cream…I’m just giving you some ideas…

midnight cookies & cream sprinkle ice cream cookie

Ice Cream

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Midnight Cookies ice cream concoction? At least a gazillion, cause you’re not gonna wanna stop…

yummy unicorn milkshake by midnight cookies & cream


Remember the story about the cow who jumped over the moon? That’s where we get our milkshakes from. Give ‘em a try, you’ll be leaping over the moon as well!

From Out of Town?

Westchester is a place you’ll want to check out! Along with our amazing desserts, you have your pick of amazing Latin cuisine, the world’s largest holiday theme park and The Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum. After a day at the park, grab yourself some food and hit us up on SW 24th St. for dessert!

"Cookies are exquisite. If you're looking for a monster cookie here is the place to enjoy a cookie of that magnitude. They've got seasonal cookies to enjoy and cater to special diets as well. The selection of cookies are plethora to warrant another visit. Each cookie has its distinct flavor that you should try, personal favorite is the guava Maria cookie."

Angelk Perez

"This was a great little find! At first it was hard to locate this place. It's all the way in the back on the side of the plaza, across from McDonalds. Everything was yummy. I just wish the staff had more enthusiasm and customer service skills other than that nice experience"


"Very fresh and delicious even through uber eats. Milkshakes are great and packaged very well."

Raquel Ita

Not Up for the Drive? Don’t Get Up, We Gotchu!

We know how it is. Your car keys are ALL the way…on the coffee table. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Appease those late-night munchies without leaving the couch! Order online for late-night cookies, ice cream, and milkshake delivery!

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