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Franchise Opportunity

Franchise Opportunity

A Sweet Dream

Come and join the fastest growing late-night cookie franchise in Florida

Are you ready for the tastiest business opportunity of a lifetime? Are you ready to quit “working” for a living and start thriving as a late-night cookie franchise owner/operator with an established and rapidly growing customer base?

midnight cookies & cream gourmet stack of delicious ice cream cookies
midnight cookies & cream gourmet stack of delicious ice cream cookies

Sink Your Teeth Into This…

Low startup fee
Established brand and customer base
Fun job/work environment
Full marketing package

Marketing Package

As a Midnight Cookies & Cream franchise owner, you’ll not only have the support of our main corporate site and social media, but you’ll have your own microsite and social media account for your franchise location. This guarantees attention from potential customers in your area and a sounding platform for your unique style and communications with customers.



We thrive on a sense of fun and originality, and we want each location to have its own creativity and personality. You’ll have the opportunity to personalize your location’s microsite to reflect your location’s unique artwork and your own personal style.


Social Media

The Midnight Cookie brand is great for social media. We’re fun, we’re playful, our desserts look great, and people LOVE talking about them. You’ll get your own location page on our social media platforms not just for corporate posts, but also for your own posts. Want to highlight a masterfully crafted cookie or an employee for doing something great? You can post on your own location page.

Ready to Make Some Dough?

Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch! We’re happy to have you aboard!

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