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Give in to Your CRAVINGS

It’s late at night, and you just finished your term paper (or rather, you tell yourself you’ll finish it tomorrow). Then it creeps in…the hunger… Or… The movie theater just let out, and your rambunctious little ones have a sweet tooth…

Wherever you find yourself in need of a tongue tickling, there’s only one destination in the Hollywood, Florida area for late-night gourmet cookies, ice cream, and milkshakes to satisfy your cravings for rich, creamy, deliciousness. Welcome home.


Midnight Munchie Destination

Our Midnight Munchie empire is spread across Southern Florida, providing our beloved subjects with the glorious, unrivaled, gourmet desserts that promote mouth-watering loyalty!

We operate out of our own dedicated kitchen located in Hollywood, Florida and produce crispy cookies that are all made from real butter, cane sugar, and unbleached/unbromated flour. At Midnight Cookies & Cream we use only fresh ingredients with no artificial flavorings or preservatives.

Our Standards

Icons-About Us-Baked

Freshly Baked and Made to Order

Icons-About Us-Ingredients

The Best Ingredients Available

Icons-About Us-Reputation

A reputation for delicious, high-quality, gourmet cookies

Icons-About Us-CustomerService

We provide our customers with an amazing service experience.

Icons-About Us-Fresh

Our fresh, NEVER frozen, dough sets a high bar for the competition.

Salted Caramel Brownie Cookie owner and connoisseur Jonathon
Founder & Creator


Hi, my name is Jonathan. I want to welcome you to Midnight Cookies and Cream.

My whole life, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for sweets and to have a store of my own. However, as I grew up, my life took a different course…I became a bodybuilder.

As we all know, bodybuilders love food, and over the last few years any chance I got to eat sweets I would.

One day, as I was looking for places to enjoy some treats, I thought to myself: “Why not open a bakery business and achieve what I’ve always dreamt of?” To my surprise, things aligned in life and time couldn’t have been more perfect, since I recently went from being a single child after 25 years to having 3 baby brothers and 1 sister.

Being surrounded by my siblings inspired me to start a new journey, and that’s when Midnight Cookies and Cream, in my hometown Hollywood Florida was born. We offer a place where friends and families can hang out, enjoy our baked cookies, ice cream, and shakes for a better, sweeter day.

Salted Caramel Brownie Cookie owner and connoisseur Jonathon

Not Up for the Drive? Don’t Get Up, We Gotchu!

Your prescription is ready for pickup! Your late-night gourmet cookie cravings will clear up in no time. Side effects include
excessive happiness, the sudden urge to sing and dance, and you'll likely experience a milk mustache or chocolatey lips.


Find Your Nearest Cookie Destination!

Rather see us up close and personal?
We’d love to see your smiling, chocolate-covered face too!

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These…

Your very own franchise location in sunshiny Florida! A comfortable living. The fun and freedom that comes with being your own boss. The official title of Munchie Master.

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