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Late-Night Gourmet Cookies | Boca, FL

Late-Night Gourmet Cookies Boca, FL

Welcome to Our Boca Location!

Come on down to our Boca location with your boyfriend/girlfriend/pet snake in tow for some tasty desserts to make you scream! Our delectable late-night gourmet cookies, ice cream, and milkshakes are made fresh daily with all-natural ingredients and our own signature dough that’s made on-site. Bring your friends! Bring your mom! (But maybe hold on the pet snake…)

midnight cookies & cream white chocolate sprinkle cookie


We put so much loving care into our cookies that they've started to fall in love back.

midnight cookies & cream sprinkle ice cream cookie

Ice Cream

Nothing tastes better on a hot, sunny day than ice cream. Except coffee. And cake. And pie. And anything else that’s awesome…where was I going with this…I can’t think straight with all this delicious ice cream in my mouth…

yummy unicorn milkshake by midnight cookies & cream


If you're searching for sweet, chilly fulfillment in a gargantuan vessel, we can scare you up some liquid ecstasy in the form of a mad monstrous milkshake.

From Out of Town?

A hub of history and innovation, Boca Raton is home to over 200 events each year, including world-class theater productions, internationally acclaimed musicians, stunning art exhibitions, and one of the most exciting food scenes in Florida. With its own waterway, protected lagoons, and protected natural areas spanning over 600 acres, this charming town also features coastal living at its finest.

"Delicious options, contemporary mad creative ambiance and great service!"

Dr. Anthony J. Toledo

"Excellent cookies. Very big. Helpful and friendly too."

Lisa Comer

"Love the cookies! The triple chocolate and red velvet cookies are really good! My go to for a late night dessert! Their ice creams and shakes are also decent."

Keziah Wilson

Not Up for the Drive? Don’t Get Up, We Gotchu!

Your prescription is ready for pickup! Your late-night gourmet cookie cravings will clear up in no time. Side effects include
excessive happiness, the sudden urge to sing and dance, and you'll likely experience a milk mustache or chocolatey lips.

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